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3 Days Intensive Workshop on Storytelling by Institute of Creative Intelligence at Pune, India



Have you ever thought about what kind of sound shooting stars make
Why treasures are always on far away islands and under your bed are only worn out socks?
You can find out and you can change everything according to your own wishes.
Do you want to discover your own imagination, being creative, getting in contact with other people? Do you love stories? And do you want to enhance your communication and presentation skills.
Do you want to become a better storyteller?
Then why not  join a course on storytelling.
Institute of Learning in Creative Intelligence presents:

3 Days Intensive Workshop on Storytelling by professional German Storyteller & internationally experienced trainer- Christine Lander

You will free your hidden fantasy and skills, discover things you never thought about and train your voice and body expression for anything you need to.
It will take you in another world. You start listening, wondering, discovering, telling and when you once started you will never stop....
What do you think?

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 Christine Lander
Christine Lander is professional storyteller and trainer from Berlin in Germany, working solely in that profession of storytelling since 2007. Before she worked as an actress, theatre teacher and director. She has master degrees in theatre in education at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and history and cultural science from the Humboldt-University Berlin.
27th January 2012 to  29th Jaunary 2012 ( 3 Days)
Time: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm with two breaks
Snack during break included.
8000 Rp
For groups discount please contact: 0-9422421700 , 0-9226221624Venue:
Institute of Creative Intelligence,
Near IBMR College, Pimri-Chinchwad MIDC, Pune.
For Admission and Fees Contact : 0-9422421700 , 0-9226221624Websites:
Website of Christine Lander in German:  
(You can translate it through Google Translate )This intensive workshop on storytelling is for:
 - Teachers , Professors
 - Professionals related to literature, media field and advertising field
 - Actors and people in any kind of performing art field
 - Students
 - People who need communication skills e.g people in HR, marketing
 - Families who want to encourage communication between the generations
 - People who  want to become better social communicators in meetings or parties
 - For any one who wants to explore hidden talents of expression and imagination.
Schedule of the 3 Days Intensive Workshop:
Day 1 – Part1- Story’s birthday
Everybody has a story to tell and the techniques will be discovered…
Relax and listen first. By observing a storytelling performance and discussing afterwards you’ll take a first dip in discovering the wide world of storytelling.
Different games and icebreaking activities get yourself into your body, make you know each other and the stories. Try out simple first steps in telling.
Theoretical aspects: Dramaturgy. How the stories are structured? What are the stories behind the stories?  What are the main techniques in expressing them?

Day1 – Part2- The story grows
After you have chosen the story you want to tell, we start with imagination, discover the main topics of the story. Find the source of your own creativity and fantasy and become free and have fun.
You’ll get into your body with dramatic techniques and train your body and voice expression.
You’ll discover the world of rhythm and the sound of a story.

Day 2 Part 1- Time and space
We deepen the field of imagination, rhythm, vocal and body expression, discovering the aspects of time and space. You’ll take first steps on the stage.

Day2- Part 2- The 4th wall fall
The knowledge gained will incorporate into the work on your own story. The element of call and response is introduced. You’ll prepare the presentation.

Day 3 - Part1- Presenting the story
Presentation of the stories within the group,  summary, Certificate distribution, feedback

Day3- Part2
Theoretical aspects: How to apply the gained skills and knowledge in one’s own work and life.





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